Silent University Hamburg Public Seminar (3)

Tuesday, July 7 2015, 7 pm
Marginalized Masculinity
Lecture by Ayhan Taşdemir (Consultant, Silent University Hamburg)
In German language with English consecutive interpretation.
W3 – Werkstatt für internationale Kultur und Politik e.V., Nernstweg 32-34, 22765 Hamburg

In his lecture Ayhan Taşdemir will talk about his research into constructions of masculinity in the process of migration, which he investigated in his doctoral thesis at Hamburg University.
Marginalized masculinity here comprises those groups and individuals who for a long time in the context of hegemonic masculinity were either labeled abnormal, sick and outsiders, or categorized as machos, criminals, maladapted and primitive. Taşdemir concentrates thereby in his research on marginalized masculinities in Germany and Turkey. In his lecture Taşdemir portrays the process, which men in a marginalized position live through, and reveals which conditions they are subjected to, but also which individual formative framework they can take on. In so doing, he exposes the interrelations between masculinity identifications and migration processes and, amongst other things, examines the question of which role is assigned in turn to the concept of family.

Ayhan Taşdemir (*1963 in Kars/Turkey) has been active as a social pedagogue at a borough school in Hamburg since 2011. Moreover, he is currently writing his doctoral thesis on the topic of masculinity constructions in the process of migration at Hamburg University.