Real Estatics goes broadcasting. A construction site-specific performance

July 15–19, 2015

COPS (Corporation of peoples situations)

Jennifer Bennett (born 1976 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland) currently lives in Berlin. Since 1999 self thought artist, 2006-2012 diploma in fine art studies at HfbK, Hamburg with Andrea Tippel and Andreas Slominski. Conceptual art practice in the field of visual art, music and writing. In summer 2015 her book Save will be published with Textem publisher Hamburg. The book describes a journey through europe, north- and south america and contains research outcomes about nations, states and related aspects, as well as many interviews with different protagonists engaged in self-organizing. She has been active within different artist groups, mainly in Hamburg. In her visual art practice her main interest lays in the appearance, interaction and self-balance of every day material. She has realized exhibitions, performances and lectures

Lene Benz (born 1984 in Tu bingen, Germany) lives and works in Hamburg. She studied Sociology and Political Science at the University of Konstanz from 2005 to 2008. In 2011 she started her Master in Urban Design at the HafenCity University in Hamburg (HCU), which she successfully completed in 2013. During her studies at the HCU, she worked as a tutor and research assistant in various seminars and projects at the chair Kultur der Metropole as well as a research student in the graduate school Versammlung und Teilhabe. Additionally, she co-managed the interdisciplinary exchange Neighborhood workshops together with fellow students in cooperation with scientific assistants of the Faculty of Political Science at Cairo University in 2012. Currently Lene Benz is working in different projects in the field of culture, urban research and design.

Balz Isler (born 1982 in Zurich, Switzerland) is a thinker, musician, performer and stimulator based in Berlin. Visual and acoustic fragments are rearranged to form new relations through strategies of assembly, repetition and projection. With application of voice and its digital Replica, Balz Isler communicates personal thoughts about the „world behind the world“ embedded in the images and our desires. His artistic work entangles the physical and subjective experience with the flood of digital images in abstract ideas, which implicate an endlessness of subjective perception, experience and navigation. He studied fine arts at the HfbK Hamburg and graduated 2011 in „Time-related medias“. He realized different scholarships, residencies and exhibitions.

Alice Peragine (born 1986 in Munich) lives and works in Hamburg. Utilising performative installations and site-specific interventions her work examines social, visual and institutional structures. Space, body, and image are crucial parameters in her performances and video installations. Questions concerning the relationship between the audience and the work, the beginning and end of a performance and structural power relations within institutional ensembles are central to her approach. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Art History at the University of Greifswald, she is currently studying Fine Arts at HFBK Hamburg with Michaela Meliàn. She is involved in several collaborative projects in Hamburg such as PLATEAU, a web based publication for the performing arts ( and Draft (, which collectively considers how contemporary art can initiate, invoke and contribute to public debates.

Ida Roscher (born 1986 in Graz, Austria) lives and works in Hamburg. She is interested in societal forms and norms and the questions of common actions/operations in times of individualism. Her examination of chancing societal structures tries to fathom their interdependency and where and how they get noticeable. She also works in the collaboration model ES and during her studies she joined different collaborative projects like the curation of the HFBK Gallery and an exhibition at the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn. In 2014 she received her Diploma in Fine Arts at HfbK Hamburg. Currently she is enrolled at a Master‘s program in Criminology at Universität Hamburg.

Jo Zahn (born 1967 in Heilbronn, Germany) lives and works in Berlin. He is a visual artist and researcher, documentary filmmaker. After studies of Visual Communication / Film at HfBK HfBK Hamburg (1997-2002) he realized various artistic projects based on collaborative research and production. He is part of the groups and collectives Abbildungszentrum (Hamburg), Galerie C&V (Hamburg), w…wir…wissen (Vienna), tv-tv (Copenhagen), inverse institution / Flutgraben e.V. (Berlin). With Galerie C&V and inverse institution he organized several exhibition series at Frise, Hamburg, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna and Flutgraben, Berlin.