The Unrooted

July 3 — July 5, 2015

Katie Lenanton is an Australian curator based in Helsinki. She is interested in researching and interrogating participatory and ephemeral public art processes; non-visual art experiences; hospitality cultures; artwork production and friendship; archives and collections; and craft traditions.

Giovanna Esposito Yussif (b. 1981) is an art historian, curator and writer based in Helsinki. She has been researching matters relating to memory politics and tacit knowledges. Currently she is developing a collective curatorial investigation focused on rooting alliances between sites of production, situated knowledges and practices of commoning. She actively collaborates with NÆS – Nomadic Agency/Archive of Emergent Studies, a collective-connective artistic-research agency and a cultural production studio focusing on emergent and resilient dynamics of social organisation. NÆS functions as a platform for activating alternative forms of knowledge production and critical thinking. They are driven by notions of nomadism, decoloniality, radical-ecology and radical-pedagogy.

Jelena Fuzinato is a visual artist based in Berlin and Bosnia. In her practice she approaches the problematic of institutional contexts from an artistic, educational and curatorial position. She is working on a long term project Museum, which started as a “Museum Bosnia and Herzegovina” in 2009, and has developed an artistic practice around the questions of Cultural Heritage, Politics of knowledge production, and Education.

Bild / picture: Courtesy of Jelena Fuzinato, 2015.