Membranosa (Hamburg): Collective Conversations

For four years now Ricardo Basbaum has been working on the Collective Conversations series, which is concerned with shifts between writing, reading, and speaking. He will explore our will to speak and create public dialogues in a new work, Membranosa, in which he relates Hansaplatz in St. Georg and Stübenplatz in Wilhelmsburg to each other by means of his structure of NBP (New Bases for Personality). In a collective research project, a script for a conversation will be worked out, performed in public, and presented as a sound work, together with the NBP diagram created especially for Hamburg, which connects the two sites communicatively.

Voices: Ricardo Basbaum, Anna Hentschel, Ulrike Lu Krahnert, Charlotte Norwood, Martina Palm, Chris R. Phiphak, Gabriella Rioux, Nanna Wibholm

Membranosa (Hamburg): Collective Conversations

by Ricardo Basbaum
(born 1961, lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

June – July 2015
Maria’s Cafe, Hansaplatz, St. Georg
(daily 11 am–7 pm)
Bücherhalle, near Stübenplatz, Vogelhüttendeich 45, Wilhelmsburg
(Tuesday–Friday 11 am–1 pm / 2–6 pm, Saturday 10 am–1 pm)
Sunday, May 31, 2015
Performance, ca. 30 min.
11 am Stübenplatz, 21107 Hamburg
1 pm Hansaplatz, 20099 Hamburg