Neo Extraktivismus

The theatrical installation Neo-Extraktivismus (2015) is part of the Espejos project (since 2010). This collaborative study addresses the role of the culture industry in the politics of memory. The Chilehaus in Hamburg has reminders of its original owner, who sold saltpeter from Chile, in the form of numerous decorations. The history of the building is the point of departure for critical fictional research into the mining of potassium nitrate worldwide. In an installation consisting of graphic works, drawings, and collages, historical chains of value added are tied to current developments in land settlement.

Neo Extraktivismus

by Etcétera...

June – July 2015
Intervention Chilehaus, Hamburg old town

Sunday, May 31, 3 pm
Action, ca. 30 min.
Fischertwiete 2, 20095 Hamburg