Now (The Camp)

The performance Now (The Camp) refers to the camp as a symbol of dominance and control as well as the site of current social conflicts. In a performative walk at the concentration camp memorial in Neuengamme, the politics of memory, mourning, and resistance from the National Socialist era to the present are questioned and brought up to date: the building and closing of a men’s prison (1948–2004), as well as the squatting of the camp by a group of Sinti and Romas (1989). Politics of commemoration and protest converge, conflict reintroduced in a site of national consensus, a new extension to the historicially reconstructed fence marks the shape of the camp as a spatial and legal state of exception of various biopolitics to the present.

Performers: Claudius Franz, Filomena Krause, Katja Lah, Alexey Markin, Anna Sophie Schönbeck, Monika Schröder, Lena Theis

Music performance: Yakawubu, Hamburg

Production team: Till Bick, Johannes Boscher, Tim Theo Geißler, Paula Johanna Pohle

Now (The Camp)

by Omer Krieger
(born 1975, lives in Tel Aviv/Israel)

Saturday, May 30, 2015, 2 pm
Intervention, Neuengamme concentration camp memorial

Performance, ca. 150 min.
Neuengamme concentration camp memorial
Jean-Dolidier-Weg 75
21039 Hamburg

Shuttle: 1.30 pm from the bus station at Hamburg’s main train station (Hauptbahnhof) / Kirchenallee; seating is limited, reservations:

Now (The Clash)
as part of the Live Art Festival #7
on June 3 and 4, 2015, 6 pm
Heidi-Kabel-Platz, 20099 Hamburg.
In cooperation with Kampnagel