Prisma de aire

Juan Pablo Renzi can be read as a representative of cultural transmodernism, which evolved from influences of different eras and was making art history globally early on. Borrowing from modernist architecture and early conceptual art, Prisma de aire (Prism of air) describes air as space. The geometric figure of an empty cube is being realized in Hamburg for the first time as a walk-in sculpture. Its steel construction points to the fiction that space can be closed off and calculated as well as to the difference between theory and perception. The sculpture was designed in 1967 in parallel with the internationally famous “open-cube systems” by the American artist Sol LeWitt, who created Black Form(1989) in front of Altona town hall: a minimalist memorial dedicated to the missing Jews of Hamburg.

Realization of the conception by Juan Pablo Renzi: Till Bick

Prisma de aire

1967 / 2015
by Juan Pablo Renzi
(born 1940, died 1992, lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

June – July 2015
Sculpture, Museumsstraße, Altona